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Business Services

Client Centered

Cedar Point offers a wide range of products and services to our business members. From savings and checking accounts to business loans to merchant services, we have your business covered.

We understand the value of building strong relationships with our business members. That’s why at Cedar Point, you work with local, experienced financial professionals you can count on to help grow your business. We offer personalized service, local decision-making, and custom solutions for all your financing needs.

Ensure your business continues without you

What would happen to your business if you weren't there to run it due to your death, disability or retirement? The business you've worked so hard to build could be threatened. But with proper business continuation preparation, you can help ensure that your business will go through an orderly succession when you are gone.

Reward your key employees with Selective Employee Benefits

While your business owes much of its success to your vision and efforts, it may have also grown because of the talent and dedication of your key employees. Especially in today's competitive marketplace, it is important to attract and reward key employees. One of the best ways to do that is by offering them Selective Employee Benefits.

Recruiting, retaining and rewarding your key employees can be one of the toughest jobs you'll ever face as a business owner, especially in today's highly competitive marketplace. One of the best things you can do for those employees, and for yourself, is to offer selective employee benefit plans.

Traditional qualified plans can place limits on earnings, contributions and benefits, resulting in an "income gap" for highly compensated employees. Plus, there's no cost recovery for your company's out-of-pocket costs for the plans. And there are most likely no "golden handcuffs" in them to help you retain key employees.

Selective Employee Benefit Plan options

Selective Employee Benefit Plan options

There are a variety of plan options that, depending upon how your company is structured and your retirement income objectives, allow you to provide enhanced, tax-favored benefits to yourself and select key employees.

  • 401(k) Overlay Plans
  • Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERPs)
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Restricted Bonus Plans or Executive Bonus Plans
  • Split Dollar Plans
  • Retirement Planning

Merchant Services

Owning a business can be demanding – from tracking inventory and supervising employees to taking orders and everything in between. That’s why we’ve teamed up with First Data to bring you Clover, an all-in-one point-of-sale system that can help transform your business with payment processing and business management solutions, customized just for you.